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SwedeTech CR125 2001 O-ring Exhaust Manifold
SRE CR125 2001 Exhaust Manifold
Our Price: $89.99

SwedeTech Designed o-rings exhaust manifold specifically for the 2001 Honda CR125 cylinder. Manifold is CNC machined from stainless steel. Our manifold has 6 exhaust spring mounting points to properly place the springs in the correct orientation.

Why should you purchase this exhaust manifold for your 2001 Cylinder? SwedeTech designed the manifold to match the unique exhaust port of 2001 Honda CR125 cylinders.

Our manifold incorporates an O-ring on the back side to eliminate the need for the stock header gasket.

Kit includes stainless steel manifold and 10 exhaust o-rings
SKUSA SK1 Exhaust Pipe - Stock Moto
Our Price: $280.00

SKUSA Mandated Stock Moto Exhaust pipe for the Honda CR125 Stock Moto S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5 classes.

Mounting hardware is not included.

Pipe includes serial number and a six month warranty from time of purchase
SKUSA Timing Plate - Stock Moto
Our Price: $13.00

SKUSA Mandated ignition timing plate for the Stock Moto classes, which include S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5.

Below is the information from SKUSA

This optional Timing plate was developed to allow competitors to set their timing to stock settings, as we recently required for 2010. While the reinstallation of an unmodified stock stamped steel plate is also permitted, many have been removed or modified - which makes them unacceptable. As the plate is not available from Honda separately, the only way to obtain one is to purchase a complete ignition. The SKUSA Timing Plate was developed to meet this requirement. Note that by developing this solution, even modified aluminum stator base plates may continue to be used.

Installation is simple: install the new plate in place of the stock plate with the standard 6 x 18 hex bolt or full thread replacement. Make sure the plate locates on the cast dowel and hold in position with a 4 x 10 screw (the stock 4 x 8 will also work if you have retained it).

Note that no modifications to the stator hold down bolts or to the SKUSA plate is permitted. No other modification to any of the ignition components that changes static timing is permitted beyond what the stock plate or SKUSA plate allows. This also applies to the rotor, crankshaft, keys and keyways.

You can also view the posted installation video.
List Price: $51.58
Our Price: $49.98
You save $1.60!

Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner with Soy Solvents and Walnut Shells
An environmentally conscious choice that uses the natural cleaning power of soy solvents plus abrasive walnut shells.
• Walnut shells effectively loosen tough grime
• Leaves hands feeling clean and smooth
• Popular apple cinnamon fragrance

• Appearance - Opaque Brownish liquid gel
• pH 7.0 - 9.0
• Dilution RTU

• 1 Gallon Size
Karting Hothead Competition Engine Block Heater
HotHead KartPro System
Our Price: $799.98

The Hot Head™ Kart Pro pre-heater uses the same technology as our larger, automotive systems used on LeMans, Indy Car, NASCAR racing machines. Our systems rely on the most advanced computer controlled pump and thermo-electric heating circuitry. Over 10 years of engineering, testing and use guarantees your team will gain the same advantages realized by the top professionals. The Hot Head™ Kart Pro unit can be easily connected to any cooling system. Most Karts can be outfitted with our Integrating Check Valve (sold separately). Our billet aluminum, CNC machined Check Valve and dry-break system is the best in the industry. It’s compact and lightweight design incorporates an internal (flow control) check valve, providing uniform heating of the engine and radiator.The newly introduced Kart Pro system has already proven itself by delivering multiple championships for international teams. Your system can be conveniently purchased through Order your system today and start taking advantage of your competition. Pre-heating your Karting engine will deliver.

A good quality generator with an output of 15 Amps and a rating of 2000 watts will power a single Hot Head Unit.
CR125 Stator and Flywheel Cover
Our Price: $39.99

SwedeTech designed the new stainless steel stator and flywheel cover to be low profile, while allowing for adequate protection of the driver and the rotating ignition flywheel.  The OEM plastic cover is very bulky.  Other aftermarket flywheel covers expose the rotating flywheel, which will not protect the parts from rubbing against the seat.

Open front allows airflow to keep engine cooler. Cutout on the lower portion allows water and debris to drain out.

An extra tab is incorporated into this part in the effect you should break the clutch lifter stay.  The clutch lifter stay is not available from Honda, you would have to buy a new stator kit.

Kit includes hardware.
SRE Inner Clutch Cable only
Our Price: $9.99

SwedeTech inner clutch cable replacement fits the SwedeTech clutch cable and other brands.  Inner cable is designed to minimize stretching while under use.  This will directly relate to a better clutch feel.  Cheaper cables have a tight spiral winding, allowing the cable to stretch, decreasing the effectiveness and feel of the clutch lever.
Overall cable Length -72"
SwedeTech Honda CR125 Coil Mount
Our Price: $46.99

SwedeTech Racing Engines offers two specific coil mounts for the Honda CR125 engine.  The newest version mounts to the primary cover.
The coil mount kit includes aluminum coil mount bracket, 2 bolts, 13" plug wire, spark plug boot, and secondary ground strap.
SwedeTech Racing Engines Case Saver for the Honda CR125 Stock Moto and Modified CR125 Engines
SwedeTech CR125 Case Saver
Our Price: $17.99

SwedeTech Racing Engines Case Saver for the Honda CR125 Stock Moto and Modified CR125 Engines
2001 HOnda CR125 Power Valve stuffers
CR125 2001 Stuffer Kit
Our Price: $189.98

A precision investment casting process was used to preserve the shapes of the solid models with a high degree of accuracy in the production power valve plugs. When the plugs are installed in the cylinder and properly blended for smooth transitions between the cylinder and plugs, the maximum power potential of the stock 2001 cylinder can be achieved.

Kit includes the stuffers, locating pin, and pin dowel.  SwedeTech will provide detail instructions so you can install them yourself.